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We use WordPress as our primary content management system and web site administration tool. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS of it’s type, used by more than 60 million websites worldwide!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is free and open source CMS software, installed on a web hosting server and controlled through a browser-based administration panel called the Dashboard. Using the Dashboard, an administrator can add or edit content and control all functions of the website. As with any new software, there is a learning curve while learning to use the program, but most users can quickly learn to manage basic site content with a minimum of instruction.

Page content is entered using an on editor, similar to entering webmail content. Images are added through the editor and stored in the site Media Library. If you can use a modern word processor, you should be able to edit content in WordPress.


WordPress features a template based system called Themes that control the design and presentation of your content. The separation of design and content ensures that content editors never need be concerned with design when adding or editing information and your look always remains consistent across the site.


The basic functions of WordPress can be extended through the use of add-on programs called plugins. This allows us to add custom features to your website as required. A basic set of plugins would add security, update monitoring, form submission, and other common utilities to the site. More advanced plugins can be used for applications such as eCommerce and social media development.


WordPress provides a search engine friendly permalink page system right out of the box. Using search engine optimization plugins, we are able to further evaluate and edit content presentation for best possible search results.

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