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StreetKore event production is heavily focused on small stage events. We design, promote, and produce unique events for nightclubs, pubs, bars and restaurants in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas.

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Thanks for your interest in StreetKore. We’re a small, but multi-faceted events production company with a strong focus on small venue promotions. It’s what we do best; we’ve been hosting events in Southwest BC for over 30 years.

Our live promotions are backed up by in-house digital services including design, print, and online. What we don’t handle ourselves, we can usually get done through our community network of trusted service and equipment providers. We bring big power to small events!

StreetKore events are designed for results. We work with you to define goals and build customized solutions to help achieve them. Find out more about how we can help, schedule a free consultation with an event pro today!