Promotions is a wide-ranging subject with a variety of meanings to different industries and organizations. In basic marketing, Promotion is one of the “Four P’s” of the Marketing Mix. Its primary concern is communications, including the elements of public relations, advertising, and direct sales/marketing.

In the entertainment industry, promotions are traditionally based around events or performances. An event promoter’s job is usually involved with publicity and advertising. Depending on the situation, a promoter could also be responsible for “details” such as ticket sales, security and admissions, etc.

We’re very familiar with this world. StreetKore has helped present select entertainment at a variety of venues in the Vancouver market for over 25 years. Our earlier experiments in promotion as individuals dates pre-internet, back to the days of local punk rock DIY, but that’s a very old story…

Today’s entertainment-based promotions are much more diverse. In a world of internet influencers and professional VIP hosting services, we can help develop image promotion strategies that work.

Let us help you promote your product or service with our unique, event-based promotions. Our network of venues and suppliers provides a range of support under one umbrella. We strive to build a party-like atmosphere with your organization as the featured guest! The goal is to connect with and win fans of your brand who will pass your messaging organically through social media with measurable results.

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